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xPath and CSS Path

PSS Service uses xPath and CSS path as a tool for selecting page elements. Because you can select and then fill or change form elements, like single button, input box, or a whole area, you can use this for automate your capture process. Thit is the advantage of PSS service, which is not only a webpage screenshot service like others, but is whole now approach at creating web page snapshots. Ok. Now you know what is all about and you need to know how to get xPath/CSS Path of desired elements. In fact it is quite simple, bacause there are a lot of tools (Google Crome, Firefox, ...), which help you selecting parts of HTML.

Control snapshot

With few options, you can easily create image that suits your needs. You can navigate almost at any page also when it needs autentication, you can fill form, submit it , change content, change style, hide and show elements, simulate mouse actions, .... After all actions you can take full page snapshot or just a snapshot of selected area. change final image size, viewport  and much more.

Automate your process

When you know basics about our service, you can start using our paid version, where you can set your sources, adjust time refresh intervals, simply reference image in your web page and let our service do the rest for you.